Kawasaki VN750

Kawasaki VN750

Kawasaki VN750

The famous Kawasaki Vulcan VN750. 

Kawasaki introduced the 750 cc class Vulcan worldwide in 1985. Due to tariff restrictions in the United States on bikes over 700 cc imported from Japan, the initial US spec model was limited to 699 cc and called the Vulcan 700. The tariff was lifted in 1986, and all bikes from then until the production run ended in 2006 were 749 cc. The US name was changed to Vulcan 750 to reflect this.The Vulcan 750 was produced at the Kawasaki plant in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The VN750 remained largely unchanged throughout its 22 year production run with only minor adjustments to the components and varying paint schemes. Because it remained mostly unchanged for 22 years, most parts are interchangeable, meaning parts off 1985 models will fit 2006 models. The VN750 was unique in its class by featuring a more reliableshaft drive usually found on larger cruisers.

The bike also featured a liquid cooled DOHC V-twin engine producing 60 horsepower and a flat 47 ft-lbs of torque throughout most of the rpm range, although the engine was underrated and commonly produced 8-10% more than the advertised power in dynomometer testing. The bike was configured to support an upright riding position with a king/queen seat and a factory installed sissy bar. The VN750 also featured adjustable air shocks front and rear, with Showa 4-way valving on the rear.

To learn more check out the VN750.com Forum.

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