• Sea-Doo Service - Advanced Detailing


This is for local customers only who can bring me their skis to work on.

This is for detailing skis that are empty hulls with no engine or tanks installed.

  1. Remove Old Graphics.
  2. Remove Old Stock Foot Mats and fill holes.
  3. Wash Inside and Outside.
  4. Put Hull Upside Down.
  5. Wash Wash Bottom Hull.
  6. Wet Sand, Buff, Polish and Wax Bottom Hull.
  7. Flip Hull Upright.
  8. Wet Sand, Buff, Polish and Wax Top Hull.
  9. Install New Foot Mats. (Customer Supplies New Mats)
  10. Install New Basic Graphics (New Registration Numbers and Sea-Doo Logos Only.)
  11. Restore and Shine Plastics.

Other Options Can Be Added at Extra Costs: Prices Subject to Change.

  1. Install New ODI Hand Grips. $75
  2. Install New Button Pads for Start/Stop and VTS. $20
  3. Install New Seat Cover. $400
  4. Install Keel Guard. $300
  5. Minor Gelcoat Repair. $150+
  6. Paint Inside of Hull with BilgeKote Epoxy Paint. $350
  7. Clean and Spraypaint Engine. $200
  8. Sandblast and Powdercoat Paint Exhaust Parts. (Pipe welch plugs should be welded before.) $350

Sea-Doo Service - Advanced Detailing

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