For $200 we will remove your pump, remove the cone, drain oil, and clean out the insides, reinstall cone, and put in fresh oil, then reinstall pump with new seal.

This is for local customers only who can bring me their skis to work on. Otherwise you can ship me your pump to service.

For All Sea-Doo 2 Stroke Skis with the 140mm and 155mm pumps.

  1. Remove Pump from ski.
  2. Clean Hull and Pump Mating Surfaces.
  3. Remove Pump Cone and Drain Oil.
  4. Remove Impeller and Shaft.
  5. Clean Out and Inspect Bearings and Shaft. (New parts may be required.)
  6. Cut Out Old Wear Ring and Install New Wear Ring if a new one is required.
  7. Install Impeller and Shaft.
  8. Install Cone. (New cone may be needed.)
  9. Pressure Test Cone and Pump.
  10. Fill with New Pump Oil.
  11. Install Pump on Ski with new Seal and Silicone.

Other Options Can Be Added at Extra Costs: Prices Subject to Change.

  1. Install New Bearings and Shaft.
  2. Install New Cone Kit. 
  3. Clean and Deburr Old Impeller.
  4. Replace Old Damaged Impeller with New or Good Used Impeller. 
  5. Replace Plastic Nuts with New Nuts. 
  6. Replace Plastic Fittings with New Plastic or Aluminum Fittings. 
  7. Install New Carrier Bearing or Carbon Seal and Boot. 

Sea-Doo Service - Jet Pump Service

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